Enter the decentralized network of trust dedicated to the crypto industry

Improve followers engagement,
Protect yourself against impersonation,
Find new ways to monetize.

Looking for a way to make money on youtube, Twitter ?

Take advantage of your fan base by recommending trustworthy cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and DeFi projects.
Swearby is a tool to help your followers dodge scams and identify legitimate projects where you tell them what is legit or not.
Positioning yourself quickly on this new network will land you sponsors looking to:

  • Increase their visibility,
  • Reduce impersonation scams,
  • Get backed by leaders of opinion.

Earning passive income with your Youtube channel or Twitter account

Your expertise and online resources related to the crypto space are worth a lot.
Start simply by sharing good links to your followers on a decentralized network using Swearby. Keep on building on your reputation, and wait for sponsorship to come!
You will be able to sell certified recommendations to crypto product marketers.
It won’t require new content creation. It’s just a few clicks to sign a sponsor request with your decentralized digital identity.

Attract new followers and increase engagement

Your followers will engage with Swearby on every website they visit, multiple times a day, directly seeing your recommendations.
It will help you reach them when they are out of social media, looking for advice on a product, with a direct access to your opinion on the matter.

Improve your brand and allow your fan to reach out when you get banned

How will you be able to provide your expertise on a matter if you get banned from Youtube or Twitter?
Have you taken measures to prevent account impersonation?
With Swearby you will:

  • Own your online identity,
  • Give your fans a way to find you if you ever get banned,
  • Prevent scams ran in your name,
  • Provide a new kind of service to help your fans stay out of scams,
  • Get a new way for your followers to recommend you to their friends even if they are not on social media,
  • Have the ability to create certified content that you can monetize as you wish.
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